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Chloe Banham, Actress - What's New?

30/05/2019: Exciting Times


I've recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles, California in the good old U S of A.

It isn't the first time I've visited but while I was there this time, I did a few touristy things like visit Hollywood's Walk of Fame and enjoyed some excellent gastronomy. You can't go to downtown Hollywood and not eat in the Hard Rock Cafe - you just can't!

During this visit, I attended several aerial classes at Womack and Bowman: one each for Start Here, Silks and Hoop. My usual classes in the UK have different names for some of the tricks so it was really interesting to learn the local names - and also bring that knowledge back to my regular class.

There was heaps of conditioning involved too, half an hour's worth before we even mounted the hoop or silk. I can tell you i truly knew it the next day! But it meant that when I returned to my regular classes I was able to do three classes back to back easier than before. Thank goodness the classes were a lot longer than I'm used to because it meant lots of time on the apparatus.

I'll tell you more of my recent trip out there again next month including my visit to Cirque Du Soleil's Amaluna. In the meantime, watch this space :O)

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06/01/2018: The Show Must Go On!

Happy 2018 to everyone.

The last week of December saw me finishing up all the Panto bookings around the country and I got home two days before Christmas and the first week of the new year has taken me straight back.

I thought I would give you a tiny behind the scenes insight into my last few days to give you a feel of life as a jobbing actress. I got the call to continue just 48 hours before I set off for Bath - two hundred miles from my native Essex - and will finish 'somewhere in the UK'.

Driving from care home to care home, school to school to put on these shows does take incredible energy because your brain needs to be completely switched on each time.

Also, living out of a suitcase with a different hotel room on a daily basis does make things a little intense but I'm blessed with organisational skills that would make a diary envious!

I think you can see that with while there are many variables connected with gigs, organisational skills, energy, drive and passion are the most useful attributes any actor needs. Plus the ability to be flexible (physically and mentally!)

Once this extended tour is over, I'll have more news to share with you via this 'blog so keep watching so you don't miss a thing.

Thanks for reading,

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19/12/2017: The Finale

The final week of the panto tour is here and with it came snow, frost and rain. It all adds to the atmosphere of Christmas and the panto tour itself.

I've travelled all around the country from Devon up to Lincolnshire, from The Cotswolds to Great Yarmouth. We've sung out our hearts, received sore throats, seen standing ovations and even the odd tear. The hotels I've stayed in have been diverse too but, again, with the snow I've seen, it all adds to the atmosphere.

As the finale approaches, I know I've given it my all and, as an actress, I've seen a side of the industry that few people ever get to see.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable 2018.


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12/12/2017: Break a Leg!

Week 1 of a three week panto tour is complete!

December is well known for being panto time and this year is no different.

I’ve been touring around cities, towns and villages from Norfolk to Devon putting on daily pantomimes for the residents of care homes and students at schools. This first week has been such fun and the best bit is, the feedback has been wholly brilliant.

Acting does not end at weekend though. The life of a jobbing actor means when an opportunity arises, you go for it instantly.

That said, it is an exciting season and there is so much enthusiasm in the air. But for now, I need to pack up from this hotel and drive to the next venue, ready and refreshed to put on the next pantomime for a crowd of smiling faces.

Keep up to date with my blogs by liking and sharing my site and page. See you next time :O)

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09/11/2017: Exciting Times Ahead

Can you imagine having a day job, taking exams for your parallel career, keeping in check with your back up career AND focussing all your time on your main career?

That is the reality of my industry. The Arts have a history of diverse people within it and today is no different. Most actresses have other jobs between gigs. That is how we roll. We do it to make ends meet.

I've been an actress since I can remember. I've worked in the theatre, made independent movies and have provided voice work for block busters films.

I've always had a relationship with the camera. I've been a photographer since my early teens, being a partner in the family business covering weddings, portraits and motor sport. I love capturing the moment at music gigs too. Live arts - you just cannot beat it whether you are on the stage or behind the camera. The feelings...the atmosphere...

I've got several acting gigs fast approaching, plus a panto tour in December which I will blog about to keep you up to date.

It would be great to get some of your support too, either by liking and sharing my 'blogs or even by attending the pantos. I'll be posting photos and videos too so keep a look out so you don't miss anything.

Exciting times are ahead - let's enjoy them together. :O)

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